Any Kryoflux, Discferret, Catweasel, or other floppy flux images wanted

Santo Nucifora santo.nucifora at
Mon Oct 10 18:12:09 CDT 2016

Hi Eric,

I am a newbie to Kryoflux (it just arrived this past Friday) but I did
manage to set it up and try a couple of regular disks.  The following link
is to my Victor 9000 CP/M-86 boot disk, if I did it correctly.  I also
included the log file.

I wasn't familiar with your tool but a quick search turned it up on
GitHub.  I also have an FDADAP floppy disk adapter for 8" disks but haven't
tried that yet.  I also haven't figured out how to determine disk
characteristics to make floppies yet but I'll learn.  I also have several
disk formats in 3.5", 5.25" and 8" with equipment to match in most cases.
So, in this case, I could try out the resulting IMD file by recreating it
and running it on my Victor 9000, if that is helpful.

I bought the Kryoflux to save my disks so I'm happy to help with whatever
you need.

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 6:48 PM, Eric Smith <spacewar at> wrote:

> On Oct 10, 2016 3:41 PM, "Al Kossow" <aek at> wrote:
> > Do you have a prefered CW transition image format?
> No preference, as I haven't dealt with them at all yet.

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