SCSI Tape Emulator

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Mon Oct 10 19:40:46 CDT 2016

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> From: Charles Anthony
> Sent: Monday, October 10, 2016 12:53 PM
> Correction:  .tap format uses 4 byte counters, in little-endian order.
> Order is not relevant for the EOF tape marks, of course, since they're
> 4 bytes of 0.
Stupid memory of mine. Sigh.  Anyway, IIUC, the SCSI2SD is like $70; the
firmware appears to be closed, but I wonder if an NDA with them would allow
adding tape emulation capability to their code base? (Given that I have no
knowledge of how SCSI2D works inside, I may be vastly underestimating the
scope of the project.)

-- Charles

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