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>and curses-based UNIX games, and would like to add more platforms.  I'm
> especially interested in any favorites that run on dumb terminals (I
> have numerous ones to bring in, and have a VT220 already in the
> collection).
> If you've played anything in the past 3 years, I'd especially like to
> hear about it since that speaks to enjoyment and replayability.  If
> you like it, someone here will probably like it too.

rogue or anything rogue-like - nethack comes to mind 8-)

I started playing it in the mid 80's. Still play it today. I have it on my iPad, Android phone, Mac Desktop and a whole slew of
Unix boxes (SGI/Sun/IBM/DEC) and even (ughhh!) a PC/Linux laptop... It's usually the first thing that gets
installed/compiled on a new machine/platform.

The only experience that will top the above, is feeding some quarters in a "Fun House" or "Black Knight" pinball machine...

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