Getting out of the hobby

Terry Stewart terry at
Tue Oct 11 19:35:54 CDT 2016

Yes, some things I've enjoy about the hobby is..

1. Admiring the "design" aspect of machines back in those days (all unique
and all different) and experiencing them hands-on
2. Learning about the machines, their origins and purpose (from reading,
watching videos and hands on)  and thereby learning a lot about computer
3, Writing about them, videoing them.
4. Talking with others about them
5. Repairing them (and thereby learning a lot about digital electronics)

It's not my only hobby though, and VC doesn't dominate my life.  The
nostalgic factor with me is not great.  I was an adult before they were
popular (or in school) so I was never in my bedroom playing games with
others in my formative years.  Although I did play games as an adult (some
arcade but esp, text-based Adventure games), my interest in them at the
time was always more as productivity tools, in particular for writing and
statistical analysis. There is SOME nostalgia in the TRS-80-type
culture...I can't deny that but I'm certainly not that interested in the
retro-gamer scene.

I've got very limited room, which means I've been very disciplined with
what I've got.

Eventually I hope to run a few private, temporary exhibitions, perhaps in
our local museum...maybe when I retire.

What will happen to them when I become old and infirm?  Well, who knows.  I
do have a daughter and step-son who are IT specialists.  They may or may
not be interested.  As it is, I'm still happy to pull them out, admire
them, reflect on the period they represent and keep them going if I can.

Terry (Tez)

P.S. Chuck, please stay active in the community.  Your knowledge is on
disks and disk formats is legendary. Many (including me) appreciate the
help you've given them.

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