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Jerry Kemp other at
Wed Oct 12 01:30:01 CDT 2016

For anyone interested in exploring some of this stuff further, I (first) found 
lots of dead links, but came up with this one with binaries for Sun, SGI and the 
original NeXT format.


I still have a SparcStation 10 + a Leo/ZX frame buffer that I spent a lot of 
time hunting down back in the day to work with the Sun stuff on.  I was a little 
sad to see comments that performance on the Leo framebuffer was not very impressive.


On 10/11/16 02:22 PM, Adam Sampson wrote:
> Liam Proven <lproven at> writes:
>>> As far as Doom, not long after I became a Sun employee in Mountain
>>> View in '94-95, we played Doom Arena, a networked, multiplayer
>>> version of Doom.
>> I think you might be conflating 2 games here.
> Nope:

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