Highway interface [warning contains an ebay ref], but is an old VMS network interface

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Wed Oct 12 02:57:18 CDT 2016

I found an interface I've never seen, a Fisher Rosemont Highway 
interface.  I don't know much in the history of Dec / VMS, but am 
guessing this is for Vax system only.



I found this flyer sheet about it with the info on the interface. I'm 
guessing if you don't have one of the central boxes, you have some 
expensive gold scrap in these boards.


The fact this reference is where it is suggests there must be embedded 
systems using it to justify the price though.  Also the other manual 
referred to indicates that there is something that runs on NT, as well 
as a mention of AIX.



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