Mark-8 opinion question

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My it right using a reasonable set of parts from the era or just leave the boards alone.  I would be wary of winging it.


On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 10:56 AM, Brad H < vintagecomputer at> wrote:

> That's pretty much my attitude.  I would never even consider building 
> these without correct, vintage parts.  And I can already see a number 
> of show stoppers.. including the 8263s.  I have some of those but 
> they're all
> 1977 vintage, which is okay for a clone but totally wrong otherwise.
>Basically you're in the position of having to source all of the parts from that boards year, or earlier.  Then buy solder >from 1974.  When will it end?  How perfect?  Then what do you have?  This subject has come up before.

>If I was really into this project (I already have plenty!)...I'd make an exhibit featuring the unpopulated boards next to a >replica that is running with a teletype..


I think there is a tiny bit of leeway.  I have read of Mark-8s that were built as late as 1976.   This is kind of where all this stuff gets fuzzy.  Is a 1974 Mark-8 project built in 1976 an 'original'?  Then supposing you have a 1974 unit and one of the hard to replace chips dies.. I think standard practice is to replace it with whatever is available to get it working while keeping the original for show.  So there's a bit of wiggle room there also.

But taking a soldering iron to those pristine boards.  That's where I feel a line being drawn.

I kind of like your idea.  As a matter of fact, I just bought an ASR33 which is arriving today.  

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