Highway interface [warning contains an ebay ref], but is an old VMS network interface

ethan at 757.org ethan at 757.org
Wed Oct 12 15:32:04 CDT 2016

> I found an interface I've never seen, a Fisher Rosemont Highway interface.  I 
> don't know much in the history of Dec / VMS, but am guessing this is for Vax 
> system only.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/371645465846
> I found this flyer sheet about it with the info on the interface. I'm 
> guessing if you don't have one of the central boxes, you have some expensive 
> gold scrap in these boards.

Some years ago I was talking to Virginia DOT about access to camera feeds 
in the Hampton Roads (Southeastern Virginia) region. I eventually got 
access to the ftp site where the pics were dumped out every 5 minutes.

The listing of cameras was screen shots taken from an OpenVMS control 
application that had the camera names and locations on maps, as well as 
digital signage and some other functions. I was kind of surprised since 
this was late in the VMS game, perhaps mid 2000's. And the system was 
still being built.

Not sure if that board is a part of that setup but it was VMS. Probably 
still have the screenshots somewhere.

Ethan O'Toole

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