PDP-11/23 system for sale in Portland Oregon

Scott Baker scott.l.baker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 19:45:23 CDT 2016

Update: After removing all the boards, checking jumper settings, etc. and
reinstalling everything again. I am please to announce some progress. The
PDP-11/23 now boots up to the diagnostic monitor.

Thanks very much to people who replied with technical help and particularly
to Glen Slick who helped with board identification and configuration and
help me fix the QBUS slot assignments. The original slot assignments were
wrong and the bus termination was not at the end of the QBUS. The current
slot assignments are:

Row 1: AB - M8186, CD - 256KB memory
Row 2: AB - DSD disk interface, CD - grant continuity
Row 3: AB - M8028 DLV11-F async interface / console port
Row 4: <empty>
Row 5: <empty>
Row 6: <empty>
Row 7: AB - M8016 KPV11 power fail / line clock
Row 8: <empty>
Row 9: ABCD - M8012 BDV11 diag ROM / QBUS termination

I have added a few pictures here:

Next Steps

1) Find the manual for the diagnostic monitor to figure out how to run some
2) Locate some 8" floppies with RT-11 loaded and connect the floppy drive

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