VCFed, the BBS!

Thu Oct 13 04:41:25 CDT 2016

Great!   110  dial up  for those of us  with our  teletype? Heck with free 
nationwide long distance cross country connects will  not be financially 
sounds  fun....
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cctalk at writes:

Everyone  should experience the joy of connecting to an authentic dial-up 
bulletin  board service. That’s our story here at Vintage Computer 
Federation and  we’re sticking to it. :)

It’s why we ordered an 8-port analog PBX with  a GSM module today:

Our plan is  to connect this to a PC running the MajorBBS software. 
Visitors at our NJ  museum and at Vintage Computer Festival East (or 
heck, why not bring it  with us to VCF West too?) will get to pick from a 
selection of vintage  computers, hear a dial tone, hear the handshake, 
and be productive at  300-2400 bps. People could also telnet in over the 
Internet and, in phase  two, dial in through the GSM connection.

We’ll share an update this  winter when the PBX arrives.

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