Any Kryoflux, Discferret, Catweasel, or other floppy flux images wanted

Santo Nucifora santo.nucifora at
Thu Oct 13 10:55:16 CDT 2016

HI Phil,

Sorry, I guess "dead" was a little harsh.  Sorry for that.  I'm glad to
know that it's still alive.  I appreciate your reply and I'd love to have a
DiscFerret board (actually, if I could request two, that would be great in
case I mess one up).  I do have a hot air solder station and have done
surface mount before so that shouldn't be a problem.  I'd be happy to
report back as well.

I will email you off-list.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 8:45 AM, Philip Pemberton <classiccmp at>

> On 13/10/16 11:39, Santo Nucifora wrote:
> > Hi Eric,
> >
> > First off, thanks for attempting this.  I spent last night trying to
> > recreate a disk using the CP/M-86 streams I had posted with the Kryoflux
> > and failed.  I'm going to play with it a little until I can get a working
> > reproduction so I would not rely on those Kryoflux streams just yet.  I
> am
> > guessing the only way I can reproduce a disk is through the Kryoflux
> > streams written back to a disk but I can't seem to do that.
> >
> > I noticed that Discferret had a wiki page on the Victor 9000 format.  It
> > looks like it handled the format but it looks like it is a dead project
> and
> > I'm guessing you can't get Discferret boards anymore.
> I have about a dozen bare DiscFerret boards in my cupboard if anyone
> wants one.
> The board house ran them as hot-air levelled instead of silver-plated,
> so they need the SMD pads for the RAM and FPGA (and ideally the PIC too)
> cleaning with desolder wick before having those parts installed.
> Electrically they're fine.
> If you'd prefer to run your own boards (maybe you really like the gold
> on purple that OSH Park do?), I have no problem with someone downloading
> Eagle, running CAM and uploading the resulting Gerber files to a board
> house. Student Me would have appreciated it if you'd have kicked him a
> few quid for doing that, but these days... screw it, go have fun. It's
> GPLv2 / open hardware. If we ever meet in person, say thank-you. That'll
> do. :)
> Heck, go make a box full of DiscFerrets for you and your friends. I'd
> actually like to see people getting something out of it more than I'd
> like to see money from it :)
> There's even an ATE program (FerretTest) which can give you a rough idea
> where to look for bad solder joints and things. Lots of things to help
> you DIY boards (though I actually wrote it because I had a run of boards
> with solder bridges on the RAM and FPGA which were causing read/write
> issues).
> As far as "dead project" goes, it's only dead in the sense that I have
> no inclination to buy parts and assemble boards again. Anyone who's been
> following DiscFerret for long enough knows the tale. The record's been
> stuck so long it's worn through, so I won't repeat it :P
> Regarding the API and microcode, they're not "dead", they're "stable"! I
> can't think of anything else to add. What more does it need than read
> and write? Tell me!
> TL/DR: it was a university final year project that kinda escaped the
> lab. I'm glad you all still like it and talk about it. I never saw that
> coming.
> Cheers,
> --
> Phil.
> classiccmp at

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