booting 6085 XDE 5.0 settime.boot

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Thu Oct 13 17:17:19 CDT 2016

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 4:51 AM, Al Kossow <aek at> wrote:
> the perennial '937' problem
> just installed 6085 XDE 5.0 from floppies but there is no option in the
> installer to load and setup to boot settimedove.boot from the copilot volume
> someone must have figured this out
> on the other hand, since none of the compilers or actual useful stuff is installed,
> since you're SUPPOSED to fetch this off the XNS network, maybe not.
> I should post this on :-)

Assuming you've installed this to an emulated disk... if you can chuck
the disk image over to me there's a few things I could try... I have a
6085 running VP & Lisp images from Dave's MFM emulator.

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