ASR 33 buzzing

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> Subject: ASR 33 buzzing
> Posting around hoping somebody might be able to point me in the right
> direction.  I tried greenkeys but no response.
> I have an ASR 33 I got.  When I plug it in on Line mode there is a
clicking in the
> power supply area and nothing else.  If I put it to Off or Local, there is
a loud
> buzzing sound and eventually a 2A fuse on the back left side of the
> blows.  It's like something's stuck but the noise is kind of hard to pin
> Wondering if there's any Model 33 experienced guys out there. :)

Greenkeys is really the place for this, although I am sure there are people
here who know too. Give Greenkeys time to respond, I have found people on
that list to be extremely helpful.



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