Gould 32/77

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Oct 13 20:38:51 CDT 2016

    > From: Jon Elson

    > we got an 11/45 used and ran RSX-11M with about 4 users on it, it
    > worked VERY well

About when I first got to MIT ('74), they were running the main introductory
programming course for CS students (6.031, for those to whom that means
something) on an 11/45; it had (IIRC) about 30+ Decwriters hooked up to it.
It ran a home-rolled OS called 'Delphi' (written in Macro-11, I suspect); the
course covered assembler, Algol (compiled, I think - but it may have been
interpreted, I'd have to check) and LISP (interpreted). ISTR that the
response time on the machine was usually pretty good.

By a very odd chance, some years later I got that very machine in a trade,
and it became the main time-sharing machine (running Unix V6) for our group
(CSR) at LCS (545 Tech Sq). We beefed it up with an Able ENABLE and I think
1MB of memory, and IIRC the optional Able cache for the ENABLE, and it was
_quite_ zippy - I think 'mips' returned about 3.0, about as fast as the DSSR
11/70 on the other side of the 5th floor at TS. Of course, it didn't have the
mass storage I/O bandwidth of the /70, but we were very happy with it.

    > of course, when we moved up to a VAX, that was even better!

Heh. Give me an 11/45 with an Able ENABLE any day! :-)


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