Getting out of the hobby

tony duell ard at
Thu Oct 13 23:39:28 CDT 2016

> There are still plenty of enthusiastic, younger folks who are most
> definitely into running the "genuine old hardware" - it's just that this
> list hasn't traditionally offered much of a draw for these users. As noted,
> the list was formed by and for users of the classic-era 'big iron' gear,
> many of whom have simply succumbed to attrition in one form or another.

Actually, it wasn't. I have been a member almost from day 1, and my first
question to the list founder (I think it was Selam) was 'Are minicomputers
welcome on the list, or is it micros only?'

> To summarize, the future of a list like this is in the 8-bit (even 16-bit)
> "home computer" kids.. like myself. They are fond of CBM, Atari, Apple,
> BBC, TI, Timex-Sinclair, Osborne, Kaypro, Wang and so on. If the hobby is
> to remain alive, these folks need to be welcomed in..

There are plenty of people who play the 8-bit home micro games they
grew up playing, but many of them (at least the ones I know of) run them
on a PC-based emulator not the real hardware. 

There are exceptions of course.


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