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Jason Howe jason at
Fri Oct 14 09:15:21 CDT 2016

On Fri, 14 Oct 2016, tony duell wrote:

>> There are still plenty of enthusiastic, younger folks who are most
>> definitely into running the "genuine old hardware" - it's just that
>> list hasn't traditionally offered much of a draw for these users. As
>> the list was formed by and for users of the classic-era 'big iron'
>> many of whom have simply succumbed to attrition in one form or another.

>Actually, it wasn't. I have been a member almost from day 1, and my first
>question to the list founder (I think it was Selam) was 'Are
>welcome on the list, or is it micros only?'

>> To summarize, the future of a list like this is in the 8-bit (even
>> "home computer" kids.. like myself. They are fond of CBM, Atari, Apple,
>> BBC, TI, Timex-Sinclair, Osborne, Kaypro, Wang and so on. If the hobby
>> to remain alive, these folks need to be welcomed in..

>There are plenty of people who play the 8-bit home micro games they
>grew up playing, but many of them (at least the ones I know of) run them
>on a PC-based emulator not the real hardware.

>There are exceptions of course.

Okay, I'll bite.   I'm in my mid-30's.  I've always loved older gear of 
all types: A/V, computers, photographic, automotive, you name it.

For me, its the thrill of running something discarded or obsolete, 
learning all I can about it, fixing it and then doing something useful 
with it.

I'm currently writing this on an ATARI 800, booted to a "VT100" terminal 
program off a 5 1/4 disk drive, talking through an original serial 
interface box, direct to OPA0 on my VMS box.  The only modern piece of 
hardware between me and the world right now is the internet connection.

I don't spend much on the pieces I aquire, but I tend to stay pretty 
focused.  Similarly, I don't sell the stuff I pass on for very much 
either.  I try to keep it in the community -- when I cut my pile in half 
a couple years ago, I probably could have doubled or tripled my money 
had I sold on ebay rather than to local club members.

All that having been said, I really really want to aquire a PDP-11 and 
build an S100 machine and find a real VT100.  Given the price of these 
things in the world right now...  And here is where I agree with the OP, 
it sucks, competing between the scrappers and the heavy duty collectors 
is just something this guy can't do.

Anyway, not sure this actually contributes to the conversation, but I 
felt compelled to chime in at some point.



Sent from my DEC 3000 running VMS 8.4

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