Getting out of the hobby

tony duell ard at
Fri Oct 14 09:19:02 CDT 2016

> On 10/13/2016 9:39 PM, tony duell wrote:
> > Actually, it wasn't. I have been a member almost from day 1, and my first
> > question to the list founder (I think it was Selam) was 'Are minicomputers
> > welcome on the list, or is it micros only?'
> Earliest I could find (I think)

[Message deleted]

That may well have been my first message to the list.

However, when I joined you had to send a message to the list owner (looks like
I mis-remembered, it wasn't Selam) and explain why you should be accepted 
This was discontinued after about a day due to tbe number of people who
wanted to join.

Anyway, in said message (sent by private e-mail, and thus presumably lost)
I asked if it was a micros-only list. The original impression I got was that it 
might be, and I wanted to be sure before talking about PDP11s and PERQs.

One of the early versions of the FAQ for this list has a question basically 
covering this and pointing out that its a misconception that this is a 
micros-only list.

Before anyone asks, microcomputers (provided they are 'classic') are,
and have always been, welcome here.


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