ASR 33 buzzing

tony duell ard at
Fri Oct 14 14:53:22 CDT 2016

> With the 2A fuse near the motor currently blown, I tried plugging in with

Well, that fuse must have been carrying current in order to blow. And yet
something happens without it in place?

I think you need to check the wiring very carefully. And check for shorts
or leakage to ground. 

> the switch in the Off position, just trying to see what's going on with the
> PSU.  To my surprise, the motor started buzzing as though there were a fuse
> in.  But there's nothing?!  Something's messed up here.

Are you sure it's the motor that's buzzing?

Pull out plug 4 from the back of the control unit (this is one of the 15 pin 
molex plugs, I think it is in the top row at the end nearest the mechanism)
Does the motor still buzz?

> I might just swallow hard and buy the darned books.   I hate trying to read
> on my ipad or computer.

Can't you print out the sections you need?


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