IBM 370 Hard Drive

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> On 2016-10-14 7:42 PM, Jason Howe wrote:
> > Came across this in the local craigslist today:
> >
> >
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> > I don't know if this is of interest to the Big Iron IBM guys, but if
> > there's any interest from folks not in the Seattle Area, I'm happy to
> > help faciliate.
> >
> > --Jason
> That is a 62PC I don't know of any 370 systems that used them, I think the
> closed they came to a mainframe was they where used in the 8130 and
> 8140 systems.  There was also at least one in every S/38, in the later
days of
> S/38 it was usually only one with the system microcode on it and it was
> isolated from the rest of the disk storage because of their tendency to
> suddenly.  I believe that 62PCs where also used in S/34 and Series/1.
> Paul.

I was going to say it didn't look like any S/370 drive I had seen. Its also
only the Head and Disk assembly (HAD) and if the spindle has been turned and
who wouldn't turn the spindle, its probably toast. It would make a nice
museum exhibit, provided it was donated, but I think $185 is optimistic...]


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