Getting out of the hobby

Peter Corlett abuse at
Sun Oct 16 05:21:02 CDT 2016

On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 07:52:43PM -0700, Ali wrote:
>> Just wait until the hipsters discover syphilis, and the prices go through
>> the roof on eBay thanks to opportunistic syphilis flippers.
> I don't know about the price of syphilis but the price of treating syphilis
> has gone through the roof. But I digress... :)

It's cheap enough here in the Netherlands, I gather. I hope to never find out
from personal experience as the Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction is a bitch.

To veer more closely on-topic, the Netherlands is turning out to be crawling
with weird European classic computers at quite reasonable prices. I'm off out
shortly to pick up an obscure Philips (i.e. Dutch) computer from the 1970s. I
think he's got a C64 for sale as well, but I don't want any of this modern
rubbish :)

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