VCFed, the BBS!

Sun Oct 16 13:15:50 CDT 2016

from the modem end  a Hayes  or anything else that   does   300/1200 also  
did  110  as I  remember as  that was under the bell 103  spec. (110 adn 300 
baud)  I  suppose  just a matter of  your  uart being able to   talk  to 
the modem at that  speed  ( which  should not be a  problem??!)
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On Oct  16, 2016 5:52 AM, "Evan Koblentz" <cctalk at>  wrote:
>> I mean  please add 110  Baud   Evan!
> I was giving examples, not carved-in-stone  specifications.

If the system is simple it'll be easier to support,  110b is not, given the
number of persons coming in from the other end so  slowly.  No one barely
has a phone line anymore as it is, most (95%)  of the external traffic will
be telnet.  If the bbs allows those few  of us with phone lines to connect
at 300 to 1200b to get to a handshake and  resolve to a simple welcome
screen for hardware testing purposes, that  would be a good start. Get that
running see what kind of traffic results,  and plan phase ii from there.

I imagine it will be best once this  system is up and running that people
call in on Sunday afternoon so  visitors to the museum hear the inbound
calls in real time like a sys op  would running a bbs from his  basement.

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