ASR 33 buzzing

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Sun Oct 16 13:37:08 CDT 2016

So I've been having fun going over this 33, trying to follow the schematics
I've found.  Still like visiting an alien world but, I did manage to get the
keyboard functioning properly and fixed a couple of broken keys, so that's
progress at least.

I've tested the caps and they seem to come back okay, as do resistors.  I've
looked around for any stray/frayed wires.  I figure if the thing was working
before it left Toronto something might have gotten loose or broken.  There
were also three machine screws installed for transport, I don't think they
would have accidentally touched anything they shouldn't, but who knows.

Anyway I'm looking again at the three fuses up top .. 1/2, 3/8 and 8a.
They're intact but they look a bit rusty inside:

I don't know how much rust affects these fuses - I would have assumed they'd
just blow if they were compromised.  But I'll order some new ones in case. 

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