Offer: HP-200 Series S/W

Jason T silent700 at
Sun Oct 16 17:50:33 CDT 2016

I have two boxed copies of Text Editor/200 for the HP 200-Series (aka
9826, 9836, 9816, etc.) and I probably don't need two of them, so I
may as well pass one on:

It's so new it's still in the shrink wrap, so I can only go by the
text on the back (second pic link) that it includes both 3.5" and
5.25" disks.  The HP Museum site has Teledisk images of the 3.5"s
already, so you may as well leave it in its shrink for display (though
I would like to see the documentation scanned, someday...)

Who wants it for cost of shipping?  I'm in the 60070 ZIP.


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