One last epay for the day, TEC terminal

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sun Oct 16 22:52:05 CDT 2016

Since some need to possibly use current loop, I was searching and 
thought it useful to bring this to people's attention.  The TEC is also 
one of the terminals in the video I posted a few days ago related to 
"Jobs" if you care to look.  I've used these and at the time the only 
problem I had was dropping them on your foot, they are not light.

the vendor says that Bitsavers has the manual, which may make this a bit 
attractive as well, saving looking all over the place for 
documentation.  The screen doesn't look great, but might be usable w/o a 
huge amount of work.

Another thing that ones here may be able to use is that it has the video 
output option installed, so one could drive a modern monitor, or 
presentation projector in a display situation with this one.

I think the ones we had were a bit fancier, and had a block of 
indicators on one side or the other that you could blink, this one does not.


no affiliation, just wish I had room for it, hope someone can use it.

i'll throttle myself for a few days unless I see a random 360/50 or so 
for sale so I am not bothering those who don't like these. Apologies in 


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