Anyone with a CDC disk pack reader that can help Paul Vixie?

Al Kossow aek at
Mon Oct 17 10:38:36 CDT 2016

There's one on eBay, don't know if I'd trust it.

They were sold with Intel MDS's

I've got one or two from a TI 990

They are HEAVY

They are basically IBM 5440 media.

The format is in the queue to read, along with about a dozen others of more

Be warned, Billy Pettit told me CDC/MPI built dozens of variants of that drive
for people, so you may have to wait until bit-level recovery is running somewhere.

The good news is they are low density low speed single platter media, so the
chances are good the data can be recovered if the platter is clean.

On 10/16/16 10:25 PM, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> Apparently Paul Vixie's got a CDC Hawk disk pack from an Alpha Micro AM-100/T
> that he'd like to get the bits off of (he'll worry about the file system
> separately). I have a controller card in an unknown state but I don't have
> any way of reading the disk pack, so it will probably be easier to do this
> in a separate working system, which does not need to be Alpha Micro.
> If you've got a means of doing this, I'll get you in touch with him.

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