MFM floppy and HD emulator DREM

Guy Sotomayor Jr ggs at
Mon Oct 17 15:38:19 CDT 2016

> On Oct 17, 2016, at 1:31 PM, Dave Wade <dave.g4ugm at> wrote:
>>> I’ll likely be getting at least 3 of them (1 for the IBM 3174 and 2
>>> for my Symbolics 3640 and possible another 2 for my other Symbolics 3640).
> I gather that some one has the Dave Gershwin board working with a 3174. Was that you.
> You also need 2.88 format for the 3174 floppies. Any one modified any of the floppy emulators 
> To work at this density.

Yes, that’s me but I have had issues with the emulator starting up reliably so that the 3174 boots.

Actually, the format is 2.4MB (2x 1.2MB).  It’s a 5-1/4” format instead of a 3-1/2” format.

TTFN - Guy

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