Photos from the NWA Auction

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Great photos! I'm curious as to how long ago this equipment was in
operation. The photos here and on the auction site almost looked like
someone just got up and walked away, at least from the desks and office
supplies, etc. that I saw.

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> For those curious about the equipment that sold last week, I put together
> an album from my brief stop on Saturday. Let me know if you have trouble
> viewing it.
> On closer inspection it appears the documentation for that GP-4, as well
> as some of the other computers, sold to different parties (the value being
> in the shelving and cabinets).
> I'm still losing sleep over that GP-4. From all appearances it was a
> turn-key setup (in theory). Unfortunately, the auction site immediately
> removes closed lots from their webpage so no idea what it sold for, or if
> it went to a scrapper. I suspect it was billed as 'cabinets of aviation
> equipment'. Being 3 hours away I can't exactly run over there and pin a
> note on it.
> Some further digging on the net revealed a photo in the Motorola Annual
> Report 1965 featuring the machine touting Moto's new ECL logic. Apparently
> it was designed for aviation simulation but included facilities for being a
> general purpose machine. -C

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