VTServer/etc for V6 Unix

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Oct 19 10:54:01 CDT 2016

    > From: Dennis Boone

    > The sources for the V6 versions of the tmrk et al programs seem to be
    > here:

Yes, I have those, thanks; those are the 1-block programs I mentioned to

    >> The only V6 boot mechanisms are 1-block programs that go into block 0
    >> of device 0 and which boot Unix directly from that file-system 

Well, to be technical, also there are the programs to copy the disk images
from tape to disk - mcopy.s does that - etc. In case anyone looks at mcopy.s
and wonders how R5 (which contains a pointer to the console print/input
routines) gets set up, mboot.s, which will have run previously (to load the
appropriate disk-controller-specific version of mcopy off the tape) does that.

One can't actually boot V6 Unix directly from a V6 distribution tape, all one
can do is copy the disk images from the tape to the disk; one then boots from
the disk. (Although now that I look, there is tpboot.s, which claims to boot
from a file on a 'tp' format tape. But I don't think V6 was ever distributed
in that form - and in any case, it would still need a disk with a Unix file
system, with appropriate files - init, sh, etc - already on it, to be able to
boot Unix that way.)


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