Are DEC TK50/TK70 tapes worth hanging onto?

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Wed Oct 19 12:29:04 CDT 2016

On 19/10/16 08:46, Mark Wickens wrote:
> >From a preservation perspective the best option would be to list the tape
> labels. I have a friend with an extensive backup collection not yet on
> bitsavers who could identify if anything I'd unique. You might find there
> are only a couple not yet archived.
> Thanks Mark

I looked under /bits/DEC but I don't see a lot . Is there a stash I'm 
not seeing?

I suppose I should get around to archiving my TK50s. Is there a standard
way of doing this and what metadata should one record?


Antonio Carlini
arcarlini at

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