2020 Power consumption

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>>> Somewhat related, how much power does a 2020 draw on average?
>> Bye some enormous coincidence I was just looking through some DEC
>> pdp-10 brochures I have.
>> DEC advertised the 2020 as drawing no more power that a hairdryer; the
>> quoted figure was 1400w as I recall.
> Umm, are you sure about that?  That was how we advertised the Toad-1 System
> in the 1990s, but the Mighty Mite power supply in the 2020 draws a lot more
> than that.

Remarkably the same text as in the DEC sales brochure I have is
available online!

"Operating in a cabinet five feet high, two and a half feet wide and
two feet deep, and using about as much electricity (1,400 watts) as a
hair drier held up by John Leng, a Digital vice president, the basic
model of the Decsystem 2020 will sell for $150,000 when shipments
begin in July."



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