Museum thoughts?

Wed Oct 19 22:05:27 CDT 2016

Hi Mouse - 
running a museum project   is  fun but also a lot of   work.
here is a little  framework to think about and discuss  Ed# at  SMECC .
you rent or  buy a building  ($$$$ !)
place displays in other's premises (can work if  they  protct  your gear)
(property, liability, employee)
( winter is your enemy, summer is ours in AZ)
(when in doubt, lock it under glass)
 Great  to  have  so you are not  the only one  chained to the  entry desk,
employees  cost $$$  volunteers no salary  -            either can  be a 
blessing or a curse if  you get a bad one
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mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG writes:

There's  someone local who's seen my assortment of computer hardware
twice and has,  each time, told me I should set up a museum.

This is tempting, but I  don't know the first thing about doing it.
About all I'm sure of is that it  would involve a lot of stuff I
currently have no idea of.

I know  that there are at least a few people here who've been involved
in such  things.  While all the examples that come to mind are in the
USA, and  mine would be in Canada, I'm sure there are many respects in
which the  issues are jurisdiction-independent - and, who knows, there
may be such a  person in Canada that I just can't recall offhand.

So, I'm wondering if  there's anyone who'd be willing to share
experiences, thoughts, issues,  whatever, on the possibility.

I'm not looking to make a lot of money  off this.  If I can turn my
computers from money-sink to  money-neutral, I'll be content.  (They are
currently soaking up money  in the form of causing me to be renting
significantly more storage than I  would be if they were to vanish.)

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