VTServer/etc for V6 Unix

Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Wed Oct 19 23:19:47 CDT 2016

 > Yes, I have those, thanks; those are the 1-block programs I mentioned
 > to Warren:

 > One can't actually boot V6 Unix directly from a V6 distribution tape,
 > all one can do is copy the disk images from the tape to the disk; one
 > then boots from the disk. (Although now that I look, there is
 > tpboot.s, which claims to boot from a file on a 'tp' format tape. But
 > I don't think V6 was ever distributed in that form - and in any case,
 > it would still need a disk with a Unix file system, with appropriate
 > files - init, sh, etc - already on it, to be able to boot Unix that
 > way.)

Well yes, the discussion already seemed to have established that it
would be necessary to convert vt.s from vtserver to work with the v6
mdec bits, and to use an emulator to do the rk install using the tape,
then figure out how to reduce the setup to fit on the rx.


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