Old versions of Emacs

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Oct 20 07:23:10 CDT 2016


I'm looking for old versions of Emacs.  I want to preserve them for the
future.  By "old", I mean roughly released before 1990.  Or before GNU
Emacs 19.7.

I'm interested in having the most complete set of GNU Emacs release
there can be.  Tarballs are great, but diffs are also good.  These
releases are missing so far:

- 19.0-19.6; these were never released publicly.
- 18.56, 18.50-18.42, and everything before 18.41.
- All 17.x except 17.61 and 17.60.
- All 16.x except 16.56.
- Everything older, except 13.8.

I also have a few versions of TECO EMACS (MIT/ITS/TOPS-20), Lisp Machine
Zwei/Zmacs, Multics Emacs, and Gosling Emacs.  And a pretty complete set
of Lucid Emacs and XEmacs releases.


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