Stanford Computers

Thu Oct 20 13:28:25 CDT 2016

I read  something in   THE NeXT Best  Thing  book  about Stanford  col.. 
actually   making some? or  they were  in on a design of  some   book not 
handy now and my memory may  also  be flawed on this issue...
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Does  anyone on this list have any information on Stanford Computers?  I  
2 of them that I saved from being recycled many years ago.  I  have finally
gotten around to looking at them more closely.  I have a  model “640” and a
model “XT-10”.  The 640 has 2 – 5 ¼” floppy drives  plus a Conner CP-344,
42MB HD (the HD may have been a later add-on to the  original 
The XT-10 has 1 – 5 ¼” floppy drive and a NEC  D5186, 25MB HD.  I could not
see a name on the MB in the 640, but the  name “80 Data” was on the XT-10 
I believe these to be from the mid to  late ‘80s time frame.  They both have
the 9 DB pin video  connectors.  The XT-10 has an EGA Graphics card, I could
not tell what  kind of card is in the 640.  I am being very reluctant to
start  pulling cards on a machine this old for fear of breaking something.
The  ribbon cable seemed somewhat brittle on the 640.  Can ribbon  cables
break due to age?  If anyone has any information on these  systems, I would
appreciate hearing from you.  I believe this company  was in the bay area
somewhere.  With the name Stanford Computer, that  seems very likely.  
for any information you can give me.   I am in Colo. Springs.

Bill  Machacek

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