Photos from the NWA Auction

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I would figure the data center rooms and stuff might of had other racks
more modern server equipment that might have been sold off separately or

relocated to other sites. Didn't see holes in the floor for cabling but 
wouldn't be surprised. I didn't see video projection hardware on the 
auction and usually that is used to project the stuff outside the

What was left is the interesting stuff :-)


There were a number of ex-NWA/Delta employees that were in the building
during the inspection phase. Talking to them, the sentiment was that
after the merger, Delta took "anything that was worth anything" and sent
it down to their facilities in Atlanta. 

There were a number of simulator bays where the cockpits had been
removed, and the attendant server rooms were fairly bare. I saw a bunch
of Sun-3 "operator manuals" laying around, but no Suns. One of the guys
said they had a bunch of "old" Sun gear at one time, but that all went

The PDPs and GP4 were part of what was the oldest DC-9 sim in the
country up until they walked away from it, so we were told.

I agree - the "interesting" stuff was left behind, but maybe not all of
it :-)


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