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>> According to this article, it sounds like the facility was closed in 2012.
>> Whether or not all the computers were still in use at that time is tough to
>> say, but I was surprised at how clean and orderly most of the equipment was
>> that was left.
> I would figure the data center rooms and stuff might of had other racks of 
> more modern server equipment that might have been sold off separately or 
> relocated to other sites. Didn't see holes in the floor for cabling but 
> wouldn't be surprised. I didn't see video projection hardware on the auction 
> and usually that is used to project the stuff outside the cockpits no?
> What was left is the interesting stuff :-)
The computers you guys are frothing :) over were either driving the 
cockpit avionics or were driving the scene generators.  I haven't seen 
pics of those simulators, but all of that era either use WAC (wide angle 
collimation) displays or cross-cockpit collimated displays like the one I 
built a few years ago.  The screens (WAC) or projectors (CCC) are mounted 
directly to the simulator cabs - either on top or for the WACs, one on 
each window.

By splitting up the computers from the sims, they've basically rendered 
the simulators useless scrap metal.  Those simulators are backed by MANY 
file cabinets full of nothing but wiring diagrams, diagnostic processes, 
and software listings.  I'm pretty sure all of that is either on it's way 
to being paper pulp or is in a landfill.  Had those materials been saved, 
it _might_ have been possible to use the sims as-is with new computers. 
Now?  Not a chance.  Any collector would have to develop wiring diagrams 
from scratch before the could even begin any kind of restoration.  It 
would be more cost effective to strip it to the frame and create new 
wiring harnesses from scratch.

When I heard about the place going up for auction, I knew exactly what the 
outcome was going to be and I avoided the auction site completely. :(


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