Burroughs B5000 emulator

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 09:37:46 CDT 2016

A friend of mine is working on an emulator for this Burroughs Large
Systems beast.

There is an existing one -- https://github.com/pkimpel/retro-b5500

But it's web-based and in Javascript. Mark wants one that can be run
as a proper local binary, under Linux. I believe he's using part of
this emulator but trying to port it to either C, FreePascal or a
mixture of both.

I have suggested to him that it might be easier to work under an
existing mini/mainframe emulator, such as SimH or maybe even
MESS/MAME, but he is highly resistant to this idea, for reasons I do
not really understand.

I'm interested in opinions: do folk think that it would help, or not?

Also, anyone who might have any info that would aid him and are
interested, I can put you in touch.

He claims the system was influential in the design of the original
Intel 8088/8086, which is news to me. Comments?

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