HP 7945 disk format

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Fri Oct 21 15:22:52 CDT 2016

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> Onderwerp: HP 7945 disk format
> for anyone wanting to try David's MFM emulator in an HP MFM 7945 disk box,
> here is the format, determined from reading a Vertex V170 drive from one
> --sectors 32,0 --heads 7 --cylinders 987 --header_crc 0xffff,0x1021,16,0 --
> data_crc  0xffffffff,0x140a0445,32,5 --format
> WD_1006 --sector_length 256
> The 7945 is notoriously flaky because of the Vertex drives.

I know they are, I've three of those and just one works.
But do you know the cause of failure of these drive's, except of cause the obvious shorting tantalium caps?
I used hpdrive to backup the working one.


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