PDP-11 RL02 disk emulation

Scott Baker scott.l.baker at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 19:34:27 CDT 2016


The author of this project http://www.pdp11gy.com
<http://www.pdp11gy.com/doneE.html> built a wire-wrapped board to interface
an RL02 controller (RL11, RLV21, or RL8A) and an FPGA development board
(which does all the heavy lifting for the disk emulation).

I decided to build one of these emulators and to design a printed circuit
board rather than using wire wrap.
The schematics and layout of my RL02 interface board can be found here:


I made changes to the original  design (e.g. I used different driver and
receiver chips) but I think it should be plug compatible with the original
wire-wrapped design.

Feedback on this project is most welcome.


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