Unibus disk controller with modern storage

shadoooo shadoooo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 11:44:23 CDT 2016

Hello Dave,
But in place of a plain FPGA, nowadays I would choose a FPGA-ARM board, 
for example
the ZedBoard MicroZed or the Myirtech Z-turn, both of them have a Zynq 
and they can run linux for the software side and programmable logic for 
the interface side.
Very nice and flexible.

For the development, I'm trying to figure if an hybrid QBUS / UNIBUS 
solution is possible.
Of course one have to switch some jumper to avoid conflicts, but hey, in 
the end you
would have a true universal board.

What kind of bus transceivers did you used for the QSIC, specially 
because you have
to go from 5V open-drain logic to 3.3V logic?


On 10/21/2016 07:00 PM, cctalk-request at classiccmp.org wrote:
> You mean, perhaps, something like this?
> http://pdp10.froghouse.org/qsic/html/overview.html

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