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On 22 October 2016 at 19:36, Ali <cctalk at> wrote:
> Just wondering are you guys not running AV SW on your old HW? I personally run period specific AV SW on my older machines. Granted I have mostly IBM 51xx series machines and later Macs so AV SW is easier to find.
> Since I get most of my stuff for these machines from dubious sources (e-bay, garage sales, some random FTP, etc.) I never know what I am getting. So all of my computers run AV of SW of some form. Biggest issue is finding the latest signature DB that works on older versions of the SW. F-Prot had a DOS version available until a few years ago. I am not sure if any of the AV makers still have an up to date AV SW for DOS...

Well, no.

My vintage machines are, TBH, rarely powered on and I'm considering
getting rid of almost everything. I don't have my own house any more.
Most of the collection had gone already. My vague plan is to mostly
restrict it to portable/battery-powered kit from now on -- as they're
much smaller!

For things like Cambridge Z88, Psions, Amstrad NC100, Sinclair
Spectrums etc., it's academic. I'm not aware of either malware or
antimalware for them. Most don't support disk drives anyway -- or as
in the Spectrum, there were dozens and no standard, so software
couldn't adapt and none were so dominant as to be worth targeting.

I don't have more than 1-2 vintage machines able to run DOS or Windows
and mostly wouldn't want to!

The Macs should do, yes -- but then most of those are going, I'm
afraid. I don't have the space any more, and when I did, I never used
them except when fixing them up to sell. :-(

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