Blown Tantalum Capacitor Advice

Al Kossow aek at
Sat Oct 22 13:44:24 CDT 2016

sigh.. found a series of posts in comp.sys.perq and Tony and RD Davis (RIP)
were discussing this twenty years ago :-(

where did you find the information about the guard band pattern at the ends?

On 10/9/16 10:29 AM, shadoooo wrote:

> Then try to insert some small pieces of paper over one limit (if I'm not
> wrong the failing is the left) in place of the missing rubber, and try the
> disc, and continue to add thickness until it works.
> Then you are sure about the right limit to move.
> Then remove the paper, loosen a little the screw, but just a little so the
> limit will not move unless pushed with some strength and a screwdriver.
> Then move a very small amount towards the center and try, then repeat trial
> and error until the disc starts. Then tight the screw and it is over.
> Close the disc and voila.
> Andrea

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