Re: Archived viruses, was Re: Reasonable price for a complete SOL-20 system?

Sam O'nella barythrin at
Sat Oct 22 15:29:31 CDT 2016

I wouldn't dismiss it if you're using images or any used software. Yes some platforms are more susceptible than others but unless you have no hard drive, power your system off after every use, and never switch disks while system is running it's still something that can infest your originals or archive.
Dan's great collection of cpm is a good example of something that ended up passed around the community and had a few infected images.  Depending on whether it's a file, boot sector, MBr or TSR it will different and potentially detrimental impact.
I stopped archiving my Amiga disks but at a place I worked that had Amiga systems some kids brought in lots of games (some cracked) and while we didn't allow that it was spring break and they had finished their work. What's the worst that could happen? Kids slowly starting to walk up and say their computer says it's infected with a virus.
Probably one disk but who knows how many were infected after that. Took me longer just to find an antivirus for the Amiga than to get the systems cleaned lol but still, an unexpected pain.
One of the best preventative methods if the software doesn't need to write to the originals is write protect the floppy.  But buying used, who knows if the previous owner was computer savvy or safe.
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Well, glad to hear there's nothing to worry about. 

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