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>>> [...skull-and-crossbones with text warning...]
>> That looks identical to the comment at the head of display.c from
>> the Gosling derivative I use.
> Yes, it's the same in the copy of Gosling Emacs I got.  I asked
> Gosling himself, and he referred me to Brian Reid.  He got it from
> Gosling in 1983, and it was modified at DEC over the years.  What
> pedigree is your copy?

I got it from a prerelase of Eunice, obtained because one of the people
behind Eunice personally knew some people at the lab I was then hanging
out at.  ("Then" is mid-'80s sometime.)  Once I started using a real
Unix (4.2c, then 4.3 shortly after that, then SunOS, then....) I ripped
out the special-case Eunice code and have been maintaining (and slowly
evolving) it over the years since then.

Incidentally (and only partially releatedly), the comment means what it
says.  I once tried to rewrite that module, to teach myself how it
worked, and succeeded in nothing but slowing it down by about a factor
of some 2 to 3 and introducing assorted bugs as well.

Someday I'm going to find the time to really figure it out.

I don't know how to usefully describe what sort of version it is; that
is, I don't know what information would be useful to you.  If you can
describe a useful test, I can see what it gives....

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