Archived viruses, was Re: Reasonable price for a complete SOL-20 system?

allison ajp166 at
Sat Oct 22 13:53:58 CDT 2016

On 10/22/2016 01:36 PM, Ali wrote:
>>> I didn't think modern A/V products included complete historical sets
>>> of signatures. I
>> I would certainly expect them to, yes!
> Just wondering are you guys not running AV SW on your old HW? I personally run period specific AV SW on my older machines. Granted I have mostly IBM 51xx series machines and later Macs so AV SW is easier to find. 
 If its a PC and running M$ it has it...  I don't collect them but have
a few oldies for the utility they present.
Even the mainstay PCs in use are linux based.  For those times I need
winders VMware/Openbox virtualization
keeps it well contained.

The rest of the hardware is DEC PDP-8f, Qbus PDP11s (11/03 through
11/73) and Qbus VAX plus 3100series.
The S100 gear runs CP/M as do the 8080/8085/z80 SBCs so no risk there
the remainder are odd things like
IMSAI 3035 control computer Ti9900, 6502 and others that virus/trogans
mean nothing.  I can't Imagine
malware for my AmproLB+ or Kaypro4/84  would look like.  In general if
its not internet connected its  very
low risk and if it can't run M$ OS on intel its even less risk.    When
I find a bug using the PDP-11 running RT11
or the Vax running VMS makes it really easy to dissect the code without
worry of it escaping.

For those times I wish to visit a site that is flagged as dropping
malware using an expendable virtual machine
(copy of one) has proven both safe and handy. 


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