Tek 40xx computer users

Brad H vintagecomputer at bettercomputing.net
Mon Oct 24 12:28:17 CDT 2016

Can't see the video (access denied).. but that looked like an exceptionally
nice unit, with the stand to boot!  Some day I'd like to have one of those
to go with my Tektronix 6800 board bucket.. but shipping will always be an

If you decide to put a video up somewhere public please let me know.. love
watching vids of these ones in action.

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Subject: Tek 40xx computer users

I bought the Tek 4051 on ebay today; Jason brought it to my house and it
works perfectly, with about a half hour of programming instruction my 12 old
daughter was plotting a cat face.


I would like to get in touch with other users of this first personal
computer, and find additional resources.

Do you know where I can find an archive of BASIC programs for this?

Has anybody built plug in cards in the back, mine came with a realtime clock
and a "file manager", I do not know what that one does.

I have some Tek scopes with IEE-488, and I will see if I can get the IEEE
interface working.

There was a DC300 tape in the machine:







The belt is broken in the tape, I have ordered some new DC300's and will
transplant the tape.

Any resources will be welcome!


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