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On 24 October 2016 at 20:20, Cameron Kaiser <spectre at> wrote:
> - Yes, classic Macs did get viruses. But as a user of a classic Mac since
>   1987, I think I encountered one exactly once and my experience was not
>   unusual. They just weren't all that common and nearly everyone ran Virex
>   anyway until Mac OS 8 days when the platform had little or no relevance to
>   virus authors.

What, really? Wow. You were lucky!

I never owned a Mac of my own 'til my "Road Apple" Performa 5200...

... in about '96, thanks to Apple's "Platform Club" for UK journos.

However, in the preceding nearly-a-decade, I supported & maintained
plenty of 'em. Virus infections were plentiful, by a wide variety of
viruses, and there were a wide variety of anti-virus apps in use.
Symantec Antivirus for Macintosh -- SAM -- was the most common
commercial one, but there were others. Virex and Disinfectant were the
most common freebies. There were both disk and file viruses, as well
as Trojans.

And when Mac Office 98 came along, there were macro viruses too.

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