DEC bus transceivers

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Oct 26 08:07:39 CDT 2016

    > From: allison

    > What vendor

I don't recall, would have to look it up; I turned Guy onto them, and he
bought out everything they in stock.

    > They have been scarce save though resellers that have NOS parts from
    > old stocks and they are not cheap and unpredictable quantities.

Yeah, that vendor said they could get more (apparently from others who still
had stocks), but they'd be slightly more expensive. Apparently these people
all interact, and deal stuff around.

So that figure I was given of 30K in stock is probably not from that one
vendor, but across all of them. But since nobody is using these chips in a
product (that I know of), I suspect the number is likely to go down only

    > Then I could buy them they are about .86 dollar US, but that was in the
    > early 80s.

The ones Guy and I recently bought were about $1 each (I don't recall the
exact amount, would have to check). So not cheap, but not ridiculous.


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