DEC bus transceivers

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Wed Oct 26 09:02:13 CDT 2016


On 10/25/2016 10:49 PM, Guy Sotomayor Jr wrote:
> Secondary chip marked (only reputable vendors).  I currently have ~2500 8641
> and several 100’s of the other variants.  Assuming 100% good parts, I have
> enough stock to build at least 100 unibus boards (total) of various types that I
> have planned.
> And to forestall any questions on the topic, no I will not be selling any of the
> chips individually.  They are there to allow me to build/sell the various Unibus
> boards.

Very enlightening.
You're hoarding interface ICs with commercial second thoughts while 
deeming any usable alternative as not working crap. Sounds quite coherent!

BTW Why isn't there a separate list "ccbusinterfacechip" where those 
recurring 8881 discussions can be separated from the more interesting stuff?

I just can't imagine that it should be a real problem to build working 
Unibus equipment without the old chips.

The Unibus design is from 1 9 7 0 (or around that). Just read that 
sentence loud.

Kind regards


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