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Hi Al,

Dredging up an old email thread...

In article <4D77C151.90005 at>,
    Al Kossow <aek at> writes:

> I made a decision a long time ago that the primary mode of storage would
> either be media images or uncompressed archive files (tar, or uncompressed
> zip, mostly).

So, based on the above decision, if you were archiving CD-ROM images,
you would store them as uncompressed .iso files?

Wikipedia says:

    "ISO disc images are uncompressed and do not use a particular
    container format; they are a sector-by-sector copy of the data
    on an optical disc, stored inside a binary file."

Therefore the best way to archive CD-ROM images is to use straight
ISO since partial corruption of the file wouldn't corrupt the whole

Am I following your reasoning correctly?


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